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Do you want to:

  • Have a health care professional on your side who is knowledgeable about the power of diet and lifestyle change?

  • Have an advocate that helps you sort through the science?

  • Limit or eliminate your medicines?

  • Lose weight, sleep better and have more energy?

  • Have a better quality of life with your friends and family?

Diya Lifestyle and Wellness LLC is here to provide you with the support and tools you need in order to optimize your health!

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Individual Diet and Lifestyle Consultation

Focused on a Better You

Individual, personalized diet and lifestyle counseling and education services. Packages available. Please contact us today!

Lifestyle Medicine Expert Speaker

Superior Guidance

We are available to speak to individuals, small and large groups on all aspects of lifestyle medicine (nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress reduction, etc.)

Food for Life Cooking Classes

Feeding Your Body Right

Good nutrition is the cornerstone of excellent health. We are Certified Food for Life Instructors through the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Available to teach small and large groups!

Special Courses

Health Education

We are certified through Wellness Forum Health to teach the following courses. Find out more today!
Women's Health
Food Over Medicine


Client Experiences

What They’re Saying


"I have found the perfect medical guide.  I deal with chronic asthma, spine stenosis with nerve damage and weight issues.  The older I get, the more doctors and specialists I seem to accumulate, not to mention all the medications and treatment plans.  I was overwhelmed, frustrated with my weight and the myriad of medications.  Dr. Asha Subramanian has helped me embark on a new journey.  I see her as my medical guide, because she understands what all my doctors are telling me and what direction to point me in to improve my quality of life.   My life has improved!  I am taking less medications, I am more active, and I am in less pain.  I feel so privileged to be working with Dr. Asha and benefit from her compassion and wealth of knowledge.  Thank you Dr. Asha!"

K. I.

About Diya Lifestyle and Wellness LLC

Dr. Asha Subramanian is a Board-certified family physician with specific expertise in evidence-based lifestyle medicine. She received her B.A. and M.A. in psychology with Honors and Distinction from Stanford University. Dr. Subramanian received her combined M.D./Master of Public Health degree from Oregon Health and Science University School of Medicine, and completed her family medicine residency at the University of Pittsburgh St. Margaret Hospital. Dr. Subramanian also completed a fellowship in community health at Georgetown University Medical Center. She is an Assistant Professor at Georgetown University in the Department of Family Medicine. In 2018, Dr. Subramanian obtained a Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition through Cornell University and in 2019, became a Diplomate of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. Dr. Subramanian is a recipient of the Washingtonian Top Docs Award. Her professional interests include lifestyle medicine and the use of good nutrition, exercise, sleep and other strategies to optimize health; health behavior change; and community health advocacy. Dr. Subramanian founded Diya Lifestyle and Wellness LLC in 2019 to better help individuals attain their health and wellness goals.

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